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  Pearson and Son


The earliest located reference to Edward Pearson & Son in an advertisement in the Doncaster Gazette of May 1820 suggests they were high class drapers, personally selecting their materials from London fashion houses; two years later, they appear to be  ‘jack of all trades as Baines’ 1822 Directory describes them as  ‘grocers, linen & woollen drapers, hatters, hosiers and tallow chandlers’. Trading from premises on Sunderland Street, by the 1830s they were offering yet another service for the good people of Tickhill – that of ‘agents for the Yorkshire Fire Office’.  

By 1851, the business has passed to the ‘& son’ - Edward Shankster Pearson, who was trading as a grocer and draper with the assistance of his sons, 16 year old Edward and fourteen year old Thomas. Following his death in 1860, his widow Elizabeth, together with daughter Fanny, sons Thomas and Isaac, and apprentice grocers - Reuben Robinson, & William Hickson - ran what appeared to be a very successful business. Despite this, within ten years the shop had closed, Elizabeth had moved to Gainsborough along with Thomas & Isaac, who were both employed there as seed crushers.


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