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  Restoration of Old Water Mill at Limestone Hill Farm


Tickhill Limestone Hill Mill was built c.1803, a three storey stone structure which was working until the 1920s, when the Mill Dam was destroyed by silt from the newly sunk Maltby Colliery. From then on the building was in a poor state of repair becoming a virtual ruin. However the machinery remained intact, including the waterwheel and much of the internal gearing.

This mill represents one of only four water-powered corn mills in the county and is considered to be of great historical significance for the local area. Being aware of its significance the current owners Duncan and Imelda Dewar as part of a countryside stewardship scheme obtained grants from Defra and Natural England to preserve the building as an example of industrial, archaeological interest.

Since June this year (2011), work has been carried out on the Mill by Brattons of Grimsby, already experienced in restoring historic buildings. The work is now complete and although not in working order due to the high cost, the building is restored and is available to be visited free of charge by schools, youth groups, Tickhill societies or by anybody who has an interest in local history. It is possible to go inside and observe the workings and historic graffiti. Also on site several historic artefacts have been found which also can be seen on the visit.

Ring 07956 133972 to arrange a tour!

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